Frequently Asked Questions

How Much does it Weigh?

Due to our proprietary casting technology our concrete weighs up to 75% less per square foot (sf) than other natural stone or standard concrete of the same thickness. Removing excess weight while retaining strength and durability is a hallmark of our technology and allows the use of thick cubic forms and other large applications where standard concrete or natural stone is considered too heavy.

For example, our 3" thick countertops are 11.5 lbs/sq. ft

Will the Stone Crack?

Our special methods for adding strength while removing excess weight makes our cast concrete far less subject to the "hairline" cracking common in other concrete or cast stone products.

What sizes and thicknesses are available?

Slabs up to 12-feet long by 6-feet wide can be produced for local delivery. When shipping long-distance, slab sizes up to 12-feet long by 3-feet wide can be manufactured.

Cubic forms can be made in almost any height, width, and depth. 

What custom details are available?

The specialty of Ohio CemTech is custom design to meet the specific needs of your application and client. Edge treatments, cubic forms, odd shapes, fossil relief, notches, and the integration of metal, wood, glass and fabric are just some of the details we provide.

Does the concrete need supporting...what about cantilever designs?

Due to the durable yet lightweight nature of our product, our concrete will fit easily onto almost any table base or countertop.

Our concrete can be cantilevered out 24" without any additional supporting structure - much longer than other natural stone or standard concrete. This simplifies the installation process and helps reduce the installation cost.

What colors are available?

An almost unlimited number of colors and tones are available ranging from earth tones to bright colors, pastel shades and hand-rubbed stains. We utilize the Pantone® color system with results that will be very close to the shade desired.  

What maintenance is required?

In commercial applications where food or liquids are not usually present, periodic cleaning with a mild soap and water is all that is necessary.

In food service installations where daily cleaning is necessary we recommend any mild, non-abrasive, non-ammoniated soap and water. Stone cleaners such as Superior's Stone Clean or Simple Green are fine as well. In addition, regular waxing will maintain the luster of the stone as well as providing additional stain protection.  

Does the concrete stain?

All concrete and natural stones are porous and subject to staining. Our stone is treated with one of the many high quality sealers we offer based on your performance requirements.  The newest sealers especially those cured using ultraviolet light, are nearly impervious to staining and are suitable for commercial food service, residential kitchens, and high moisture areas such as shower surrounds.

Who can install our concrete?

Anyone who has experience installing granite, marble, or other natural stone can install this product.