Lightweight, Durable and Green

Because of our unique molding techniques, our slab products are suprisingly lightweight versus any other stone available. This advantage allows us to create very large pieces without the need to reinforce supporting floors or large pieces than one person can carry.  As our countertops and large cubic forms such as columns weigh up to 75% than our competitors, far less virgin raw material is used - a real bonus to the environment.  New formulations being released in 2011 will contain up to 85% recycled content.  As such, we have one of the best SUSTAINABILITY story in the decorative concrete industry, qualifying in several LEED categories including Innovation, Recycled Content, and Local Sourcing.

Cantilever Advantage

A real benefit of our proprietary technology is that tabletops and countertops can cantilever at least 24", and potentially more depending on the specific design. Whether we create a bench that spans eight feet, or an 84" diameter tabletop, our technology lets you design beyond the limits of conventional stone.

Cost Effective

When shipping and installation is included, the total project cost of our concrete can be 10% - 15% less than our competition.


Ohio CemTech has the most advanced mold technology and the knowlege needed to solve the most complex and vexing requirements.  With some of the most knowlegeable and experienced people in the industry on staff, we are expert problem solvers.

The Most Extensive Product Line in the Industry

While our focus is on furniture such as our Parsons Collection, we are proud of our free-form columns, large format wall panels, door and window surrounds, and extraordinary water elements and fireplace surrounds. 


Our colors are all individually hand-blended to match your décor. The possibilities are endless. From grays and sages to bright reds and baby blues, we use the Pantone® system to guide our development, making it easy for you to specify the color that's right for you. 

We also specialize in hand-rubbed stains that add dimensional layers of color and character to the surface.