Mold Fabrication:  The Key to a Successful Project

  • Ohio CemTech's engineering department has the people, experience, and technology to build the highest precision and most cost-effective molds in the industry:  Our three, four, and five axis routers are capable of one piece molds up to 16' in length.  Difficult pieces - either due to size, shape, or detail complexity are our specialty.

  • We are proficient in all advanced materials and can produce the most cost-effective mold for your project in rubber, laminates, wood, fiberglass, or steel depending on the complexity of your piece and the quantity needed.

Advanced Chemistry and Casting Methods

Our patented casting methods produces thick slabs and cubic forms weighing up to 85% LESS than standard decorative concrete or natural stone for significantly lower shipping and installation costs with less impact on the planet.  With the addition of recently introduced carbon fiber materials we have improved strength by over 200% with no additional increase in weight. 

We are also testing several of the newer high performance cements and fibers that we expect will allow us to cut production time and further enhance the quality of our finished work.


In addition to concrete, we are equally facile with GRG (gypsum), wood, and EPS foam used as finished pieces or as intermediaries in the mold process.